McCulloch ROB 1000

This excellent model needs to be charged for 45 minutes and it will cover an area of 0.25 acres. It can work under intense sun and rain. The operating sound measures 59 dB which is quieter than a normal conversation. It’s fully programmable and it comes with everything you need to get it installed for your yard. Inside of the package, you will receive 3 stainless steel blades, 656 ft of perimeter wire and 400 pegs. The lithium-ion battery will ensure that there is zero emission and that it will last for many years to come. The greatest benefit of this model is the fact that it can operate for 24h, 7 days a week. Regardless of the weather conditions. Every time the battery is running low, it will automatically return to its charging position and then it will resume once it’s fully charged. Even if it’s raining outside.

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Strong Motor Feeds The Lawn

The strong motor and razor sharp blade will be able to accurately cut even the thinnest strand of grass. The leftover grass will be clipped so fine, that after a day or two, it will transform into nutrients for the grass. It will get absorbed into the soil and after a few days, thick and healthy grass will grow. Therefore, if you are someone that is trying to get a better-looking lawn, this is the model you should look into. It’s your helping hand.

If you decide to cut the grass every day, this model does not collect the grass. It can be set to precisely cut the tips of the grass and leave micro clippings. You will never see those clippings, but they do a world of good to your grass. This model can incline up to 25% so you don’t have to worry if you have uneven land.


The McCulloch ROB 1000 measures 17”W x 23”L x 10”H. This means that it will not take up a lot of storage space during the cold seasons. In addition to this, the unit is waterproof. You can set it to work when it’s raining but avoid to do so when there’s a storm approaching. Even for us, it’s scary to be outside when a thunderstorm is about to begin. When the mower detects that it’s running low on batteries, it will automatically return to its charging dock. It will only take 45 minutes to get fully charged.

ROB 1000 Specifications

Dimensions (LxWxH/in.) 17 x 23 x 10
Weight (lbs.) 15
Maximum Cutting Surface (ac.) 0.25
Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Charging Time (min.) 45
Mowing Time (min.) 45
Cutting Height (in.) 0.7 – 1.9
Multi-Zone Mowing
Maximum Slope (deg.) 25
Smartphone Compatible
Warranty 2-years

Smart Features

Just because it’s powerful and it has sharp blades, doesn’t make it a great model. An excellent model such as this one needs to be designed with smart features. They set apart the good and the excellent models. This product has been created with your needs in mind. All of the features are included to make you work less and the machine much more. This is why technology has improved, right? These are few of the notable features this item has:

  • It doesn’t leave patches. This model cuts the grass in an irregular pattern. This ensures that it doesn’t leave your lawn looking uneven full of grass tracks. It will automatically change the distance between itself and the charging dock to avoid producing worn out areas of grass.
  • Audible alarm. If it gets removed from the designated area, it will start making a loud noise which cannot be easily ignored. It works just like a car alarm. It will continue to make that noise until the correct PIN code is entered.
  • Anti-theft code. When you set it up, you will need to add a unique PIN code which only you should remember. If the mower is picked up and removed from the area, it will instantly stop functioning. It will not restart operating until the right PIN code is introduced.
  • Quiet operation. The company understands that you do not necessarily have time during the day to let it operate. Thus, this model is designed with a whisper-quiet operation. You will not annoy your neighbors if you make it work during the night or early mornings.

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Safety Features

If you have children that constantly play around in the yard, or pets that like to wonder, this is the model you should look into. Even the most mischievous youngsters will not get ahead of this machine’s safety features. For example, if the mower detects an object, it will immediately change its course or stop. As well as, it will stay in its perimeters.

  • It will instantly stop the blades if it’s lifted or tilted
  • The blades rotate inwards
  • It will change directions if it bumps into an obstacle such a child or pet
  • Child lock prevents those who are not familiar with the product to fiddle with it

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Easy To Install

All you will have to do to get the machine up and running is to set the boundaries around the edges of your lawn or the areas where you do not want the mower to go. You need to put it all around the large objects. This will ensure that it creates a defined space for the mower to lawn. To set up the unit, you will not need any specific tools. A screwdriver and some time should be enough to get the machine up and running. Furthermore, it’s also straightforward to change the blades. The lithium-ion battery will be able to function without you having to do anything to it. Just let it charge for as long as it’s required to and you will enjoy this product for many years to come.

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